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Entering Hill Climb Racing you will take on the role guy named Newton Bill – a talented young driver with ambitious. With the first Jeep available, you’ll drive it through rugged terrain like driving uphill, downhill, crossing bridges, rocky crevices, and many other environments.

 The vehicle control mechanism is very simple, you just need to use 2 acceleration and brake buttons reasonably to balance the car. It sounds easy, but you will feel that your car is like a ball bouncing on the ground. Since this is a terrain driving game, the roads are not flat, just a small mistake in the driving process is enough to make the car overturn and that means you lose.

The main purpose of this game is to overcome challenging races, trying to complete your journey. If you go slowly, you will be able to cross rough roads more easily, but it takes a lot of time and it is possible that your car will run out of fuel along the way. When you drive, don’t forget to collect coins. Coins are important things to help you buy new cars or necessary accessories.

There are many deaths by different ways in races such as flip the car, banging the head on the rock or the car running out of fuel (the reason sounds pretty funny, but it can happen).

There is plenty of fuel and batteries scattered along the way, you can pick them up to continue your journey. Controlling your speed at steep stretches is an extremely important technique in Hill Climb Racing. If you don’t do this well, the car will easily lose its balance, leading to a flip.

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK is a mod game with unlimited coins and gems. You can free to buy all the vehicles. So that you can easy to get the best one for your playstyle. All the stages in the game can be unlocked for free.

You can enjoy each of them. You also can upgrade all the cars to highest level to make this game become easier for you. With this mod, you can enjoy the game better. You can save lots of real momey with Hill Climb Racing Mod APK.


Play the classic title – original Hill Cilmb Racing! Conquer the hills to win in this physics-based car game. Play for Free!

Meet Newton Bill, a young, promising rally driver. He will travel to places that have never been reached before. There is no impossible route for Bill – whether it’s Ragnarok or the Nuclear Power Plant. Even the laws of physics won’t stop him from reaching the highest peaks of the moon!

– Offline gameplay – play where and when you want!
– Vehicles – unlock over 29 vehicles and choose the one that best suits your driving style.
– Improvements – increase the engine, suspension, tire and 4×4 performance of your vehicles.
– Tons of Rides – Explore over 28 endless stages.
– Great optimization – the game works great on both low and high resolution devices.


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